People. Experiences. Stories.

Each of the above carries a significant meaning in the domain of Advertising which has been evolving dynamically owing to the changing consumer trends, consumption patterns, and technological disruptions. In order to thrive, drive & channelize the business growth trajectory it is imperative to create highly differentiated, relevant, and consumer-driven content that stands out in resonance with social culture and evolving technological trends.

Our sole mission is to create strong brands and nurture them through our undeterred commitment, practicing technological superiority and creative excellence as modus operandi.

We are a business of creative problem-solving.

Providing a one-stop solution

for all your marketing needs.

We at 88GB communications create advertisements, communications, and experiences that fuel business growth with Brand Purpose at the core. Our approach brings Brand Purpose from the creation of the brand’s value proposition to spreading the values through its communications.


Innovation-driven growth.


Due to the ever-evolving advertising industry landscape, it is imperative to take action in the direction of disrupting the existing standards in order to create value through a holistic approach. Therefore, Innovation-driven growth is what we seek to carry along throughout our journey as our guiding-star.

Let's produce kickass Ads