Digital Menu

Digital billboard and menu for Tamil Nadu based restaurant-Sai Sangeet


Saisangeet is a Tamil nadu based restaurant.


The requirement was of creating impactful designs for their digital billboard and menu that can garner eyeballs and impact the brand image positively.


We have designed around 30 Static and animated design for their new QSR.

Branding    Design    Photography   

Sai Sangeet menu5.png
Sai sang extrahArtboard 1.jpg
Sai Sangeet menu9.jpg
Sai Sangeet menu11.jpeg
Sai Sangeet menu8.png
Sai sang extra2Artboard 1.jpg
Saisangeet menu final2 finalArtboard 10
Saisangeet menu final2 finalArtboard 1 c
Sai Sangeet menu2.png
Sai Sangeet menu6.png
Artboard 6-min.png

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