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How to Level up E Commerce ROAS in the gifting category

23% increase in Profile Visits

with a premium product grid

2.3+ ROAS

Seasonal Performance Campaigns

300% increase in website traffic

Google Advertising Network



  • Premium Brand Positioning

  • The Perfect E Commerce Tech Stack

  • Finding the New Customer



Black Tulips Flower, a Bangalore-based floral gifting brand, aimed to boost retail e-commerce sales in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. They upgraded their brand image with premium design elements and implemented a robust e-commerce tech stack for efficient operations. Leveraging strategic marketing initiatives and content, they successfully attracted new customers and enhanced brand visibility, positioning themselves as a prominent player in the floral gifting market.

Premium Brand Positioning

To enhance the Average Order Value (AOV), Black Tulips Flower prioritized elevating their brand perception. 88GB spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the brand's visual identity across social media and website platforms. This overhaul aimed to align Black Tulips Flower's aesthetics with international standards, ensuring it exuded a premium feel similar to renowned industry players.

From pencil to paper, each stroke tells a story

The Perfect E Commerce Tech Stack

To boost growth in the slow retail segment, we upgraded Black Tulips Flower's e-commerce tech stack. This included integrating Dunzo for distribution, setting up WhatsApp messaging for personalized communication, and seamlessly integrating WooCommerce with essential tools like Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Ad Accounts, and FunnelKit for optimized marketing strategies.

Dunzo Integration on Website to Outsource Distribution

Live tracking

Order Scheduling

Multiple Drop Points

24/7 Support

Customer Pays

Proof of Delivery

Whatsapp Messaging Set up to create powerful broadcast lists and post purchase experience

Complete WooCommerce integration with essential tools 

Finding the New Customers

To acquire new customers, we utilized Meta Advantage Shopping + Campaigns for targeted outreach. Premium ad creatives and videos were crafted to captivate audiences, complemented by Performance Max campaigns across multiple platforms. We conducted a comprehensive audit to address technical SEO issues and updated meta content for improved search visibility. Additionally, our content marketing strategy involved publishing over 70 blogs on relevant topics to drive organic traffic and engagement.

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