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Breath AI




What did client want from us?

BreathAI is a Diabetes management ecosystem consisting of a device and a mobile application. The need was to create a holistic all encompassing brand design for BreathAI  

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Design Ideas.

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The logo was developed along with branding collaterals like banner design, T-shirt design, merchandise design. Our design team ensured that the brand identity focus on the aspects that were intrinsic to the brand Breath AI.

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Concept Ideas.


Reference letters taken 'b; and 'a' 
The intertwining of the letters is representation of an unseen 'bond'. A bond between the product and consumer. It also depicts  the symbol of infinity.

Color options


This logo consist of two inverted B's with letter I in the middle of both, symbolizing the initials of Breath AI. Also it symbolizes the human lungs which connects with the is of breath and reinforces our core belief.

Color options


App Icons options

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The design of the logo is in the simplified shape of a breath analyser which is the product idea. The dot at the apex suggests one touch solution which is related to the mobile app. BreathAI is a healthcare management ecosystem. The elongated I  shape resembles the shape of a person which is the user of the product. The consumer is at the top of this healthcare management ecosystem.

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