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Redesign and develop a 150+ pager multispeciality website aiming to be all-device friendly with a focus on making the user experience smooth and Hassle-free. Providing ease of accessibility and helping the user reach their end goal in quick and easy steps. Refined aesthetics and consistent messaging were keys to building trust and assurance in the long term.

BVH case study.png
Frame 64.png
BVH case study.png

Design Process

Our Approach.

Our team followed the design thinking process to revamp the website. We started with identifying personas and creating user journeys. The Information architecture of the entire site was mapped out in high-level detail. Our Designers arrived at a wireframe that illustrated a personalized journey for every user persona.

Lo-fi Wireframes.

The next step in the process was to move each of the pages to Figma to explore possible design alternatives and come up with a high fidelity wireframe in terms of how the content hierarchy would be displayed.

desktop mockup.jpg



Hi-fi Wireframes.

The following phase was developing the details; it needed to end up being ready to fit the organized layout. The text hierarchy, graphics, as well as images, are required to end up being coherent with the overall look & feel and delivering the message precisely.

Group 1000003653.png

Mobile Screens.

After creating web version, we also designed mobile version of the same to make the website adaptive.


Successfully launched the revamped website within 6 months of time. It has a better user experience and simple-looking, easy navigation. It is well-optimized for all devices and was well-acknowledged by the board of directors and management of the hospital.

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