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Building Women's First Products
Elda Health

13% Drop

Customer Acquisition Cost

21% monthly sign ups 

Health Programmes

32% Organic Growth

Across platforms

Making Waves  Everywhere





  • Product Creatives

  • Performance Marketing

  • Community Building and CRM

  • Social media marketing

  • Shopify website


Health care


Elda Health, a women-led menstrual health brand, achieved remarkable success through targeted performance marketing, product innovation, and community engagement. By addressing women's fears, aspirations, and health needs, Elda created a holistic brand experience focused on empowering women to live their fullest lives.

Main motive

Elda Health aims to empower women through comprehensive menstrual health solutions, leveraging performance marketing, community building, and a personalized brand experience.

Social Media

Elda Health leveraged social media to connect with women, addressing their needs and aspirations through campaigns like "AbhiTohUmarHai." They showcased product benefits creatively, celebrated women's empowerment, and built trust through direct founder communication. This approach fostered a supportive community and long-term brand loyalty.

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#AbhiTohUmarHai Campaign

This campaign encourages women to live their fullest lives as they come of age. A visually striking image or graphic could depict women of different ages and backgrounds engaging in various activities that represent living life to the fullest. This could include women pursuing their passions, enjoying hobbies, or achieving personal milestones.

Celebrating Women's

Our campaigns uplift and empower women, showcasing their strength and resilience as they embrace life to the fullest. From breaking norms to achieving milestones, we champion the spirit of womanhood. At Elda Health, we celebrate every woman's journey, inspiring them to live their best lives.

Founder's Speak

Our heartfelt videos feature our founders sharing their vision and expertise, building trust and community. At Elda Health, transparency and authenticity are key, fostering confidence and loyalty among our audience

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Performance Marketing Stack

Our optimized Shopify website, coupled with Meta Ads, WhatsApp Marketing Platform, and a top-tier CRM system, drives unparalleled conversion rates. This comprehensive stack ensures seamless customer journeys and maximizes our reach across platforms. At Elda Health, we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver results and elevate the menstrual health experience for women worldwide

Tools we used

Elda Health utilized a Conversion Optimized Shopify Website and a Performance Marketing Stack including Meta Ads, WhatsApp Marketing Platform, and Freshworks CRM. These tools optimized conversions and enhanced customer engagement for a seamless brand experience

Community Building and CRM

88GB also helped build and maintain ecosystem across Facebook Groups, Whatssap Groups and YouTube Community to keep conversations active with women seeking specific answers from Elda's experts.

Together with 88GB, Elda created an Brand Experience by the women, of the women and for the women with which they would interact with for a lifetime! 

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