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Heritage Foods Photoshoots.

With a range of products categorywise, Heritage is one of the renowned food brands in the South. The need for a visually striking feed and aesthetically appealing photographs was the need of the hour.

The challenge was in the product category as the brand had an array of milk products right from toned to fortified milk and milk shakes, paneer, curd etc. It was more of a challenge to strategize and plan product centric shoots with various photographers across the country. We experimented with different styles and themed photoshoots for various festivities and product launches.

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Food Photography.

Our team worked on Theme based photoshoots to grace the festivities and product centric photoshoots to highlight the characteristics of the product. For Valentine's day, inorder to spread the message of love, we strategized for a red themed photoshoot and placing the products subtly. This gave us an immense out reach and engagement.

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