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88GB Influence

At 88GB Influence, we specialize in tailored influencer marketing strategies for enterprises. With diverse creators across 25 categories in South India, we match your brand's voice. Our partnership with expands our talent pool for your campaign's success.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer relationship managers link you with top advocates and thought leaders for impactful collaborations, leveraging their social following to boost brand recall and business. Additionally, we foster partnerships across mainstream and digital media networks, amplifying your campaigns through press coverage for increased traction.

Talent Managment

Our talent management team connects you with diverse creators for impactful collaborations, harnessing their skills and reach to elevate your brand. With partnerships across mainstream and digital media, we amplify your campaigns through press coverage, generating traction for your brand.

Additionally, 88GB Influence is closely aligned with Lightning Thunder Company (, our specialized wing for Talent Management. This collaboration further enhances our ability to connect brands with a wide range of influencers and content creators, ensuring a perfect fit for your campaign.

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