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We helped JLL Homes to revolutionized online realestate showcasing & marketing with 350+ properties across Six cities

350+ Properties

6 Major Cities

20+ Major Properties

360-Degree Launch

Following Grown

0 to 22,000 in 8 Months Across Platforms


  • Digital Marketing

  • Print Marketing

  • Special Promotions

  • Performance Marketing


Real estate


In an era marked by dynamic shifts in the real estate landscape, JLL Homes embarked on a journey of transformation aimed at establishing itself as a dominant force in the online real estate sector. With a portfolio boasting over 350 properties across six major cities, JLL Homes sought to revolutionize the way properties are showcased and marketed to potential buyers.

Main motive

The main goal of partnering with 88GB was for JLL Homes to dominate the online real estate sector by boosting visibility, optimizing marketing collateral for 350+ properties, and ensuring successful launches for 20 major properties.

Digital Marketing

We executed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, starting with a captivating launch email. This was followed by engaging emailers, eye-catching website banners, and innovative WhatsApp creatives

Print Marketing

Our print marketing strategy incorporated booklets, signboards, A4 tabletop displays, pole kiosks, bus shelter ads, newspaper placements, bus branding, and hoardings to maximize visibility and engagement across diverse channels.


Special Promotions

We produced brokerage slab, Pavani launch, offer, Diwali referral, and CP invite creatives, strategically tailored to attract brokers, captivate buyers, promote discounts, leverage festivals, and engage industry professionals, enhancing our marketing effectiveness.

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The execution of the integrated marketing campaign involved a strategic and collaborative approach between JLL Homes and 88GB. From the development of targeted social media campaigns to the creation of visually stunning listing collaterals and launch marketing assets, every aspect of the campaign was meticulously planned and executed to deliver maximum results.

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Social Media Growth

JLL Homes witnessed a significant increase in its social media following and website traffic, thanks to the implementation of targeted social media strategies and engaging content developed in collaboration with 88GB.

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We have worked with Multiple Brands under JLL



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