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Social Media Solutions.


Theme-Based Grid Designs.

Appealing designs to cater to the festive seasons.

Aesthetic grid views which brought us an increase in 150% of the follower growth.

Milkymist Shrikhand Mango

Meme Marketing.

Memes to cater to the momentary needs.

The overall engagement and brand presence saw a 80% increase.


Innovative Visuals.

Post Light theme.png

Regional Elements For Topicals.

The inclusion of regional elements for topicals has been found to receive more traction among the TG.

Right from festive greetings, to edit-based videos and stickers, we have developed creatives with the regional element strategy.


For Festive Seasons.

We have a team of illustrators who worked on the #CelebratingcultureswithMilkyMist campaign which saw an enormous response among the audience. The festival of Pongal which is celebrated in different forms across the country, was beautifully exemplified by these hand painted illustrations.

Designs That Speak.

View Other Case Studies.

s (1).jpg

- 150% in follower growth.
- The overall engagement and brand presence saw an 80% increase.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 143922.png

- This fetched us a humongous response in terms of reach and engagement.
- Found to have an increased impact among the TG.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 144609.png

- Found an 85% better reach.
- A hike of about 150% more reach.


-Design and develop a website that showcases a wide range of products & upgrading the well-established brand image to grow on digital mediums

  • - Theme-Based Photography
    - Product-Centric Aesthetic Photography

MM_Valentine Day-31-Edit-2.jpg

- Technical & Informational content- Blogs
- Audio Marketing | Recipes to listen to

Screenshot 2023-01-27 144547.png

Record Breaking Results
- Accounts Reached - 24.8M
- Social Media Engagement - 4900k+

-Content Views - 30M+


- Technical & Informational content- Blogs
- Audio Marketing | Recipes to listen to

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