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We helped MilkyMist successfully to brought over 20+ products to the Southern Markets online


8+ Diverse Sub Brands

20+ products Launched


24.8 Million People Reached

Influencer Campaigns


20 Million Organic Reach

Meta Platforms

How we helped
Core Brand Communication

During the rise of COVID in 2020, MilkyMist was looking to position itself as a health focused dairy brand to reflect its supply chain and production efforts in delivering high quality products to it’s customers in Tamil Nadu.

88GB came up with the line “Daily Dose of Nutrition” that was then deployed in mainlines and digital efforts and continues to be used to this day.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Performance Marketing

  • Product photography

  • Video production

  • Social media management

  • Website management

  • Offline branding


Dairy & Nutrition


Milky Mist wanted to capture market share across categories for its products and  sub brands in the southern markets of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. As a Traditional Dairy Brand, they wanted to successfully navigate their establishment on Digital Media and leverage it to improve brand recognition and sales. 

Launch of 
Icecream & Chocolate

We partnered closely with MilkyMist to launch their ice cream and chocolate campaigns, achieving widespread success across multiple regions. Through strategic planning and creative execution, we promoted MilkyMist's products effectively, driving engagement and solidifying their position in the market. The campaigns captured consumer attention with refreshing ice cream and irresistible chocolate offerings, contributing to brand recognition and growth. Our collaborative efforts created memorable experiences for consumers, establishing MilkyMist as a trusted and preferred choice for indulgent treats. Together, we delivered impactful results, showcasing MilkyMist's commitment to quality and innovation in the competitive food industry.

Main motive

Partnered with MilkyMist for ice cream and chocolate campaigns, driving brand recognition and engagement. Created memorable experiences, establishing MilkyMist as a top choice for indulgent treats

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Art & Sketch illustration

Our team's main goal is to create impactful campaigns like 'ChocoFest' that introduce brands to diverse audiences, fostering memorable experiences and widespread adoption. We tailor multi-dimensional marketing strategies to each client's unique goals, aiming to elevate brand recognition, engagement, and loyalty across diverse demographics

Behind the scenes

After the scenes


#Cook with Milkymist

The #CookwithMilkyMist campaign aimed to promote the use of MilkyMist products in cooking, while the #MilkyMistTreatsChallenge focused on the newly launched ghee packaging and Diwali festivities. Both campaigns engaged influencers from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.

Main motive

  • Promote MilkyMist products through engaging cooking content.

  • Highlight the versatility and quality of MilkyMist products.

  • Introduce and promote the newly launched ghee packaging during Diwali.

  • Increase brand awareness and association with cooking and Diwali festivities.


The campaigns successfully increased brand awareness among the target audience in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. By associating MilkyMist products with cooking and Diwali festivities, the brand established a positive brand association and expanded its reach in the market.
The #CookwithMilkyMist campaign successfully encouraged people to cook using MilkyMist products, as showcased by influencers in their content.


Total No. of influencers

24.2 M+

Total No. of Impressions

4.9 M+

Total No. of engagement

Overall we have done 25 Campaign for Milkymist

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We've successfully executed diverse branding initiatives for our client, MilkyMist, spanning across buses, escalators, and walls. Through strategic placements and captivating designs, we've effectively showcased the essence of MilkyMist's brand identity, reaching audiences in high-traffic areas and creating lasting impressions

  • Bus branding

  • Escalator branding

  • Wall branding