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Campaign Fueling for ShareChat & Moj's Growth in South India


180+ Million

Monthly active users


35+ Minutes

Average daily usage time


2.5+ Billion

Shares per month


  • Multilingual Content Creation

  • Moment Marketing

  • Trend Integration


Social networking platform


ShareChat and Moj, two of India’s largest social media platforms, hold significant market positions with ShareChat being a comprehensive social networking site and Moj as the leading short-video app. ShareChat reports 180 million monthly active users (MAU) and an average daily usage time of 31 minutes, facilitating over 2.5 billion shares per month. Moj, catering to 160 million MAU, boasts a robust creator community of over 50 million users, achieving more than 6 billion video plays per day with an average user spending 34 minutes daily on the platform.


As India's third largest social media platform after Meta and Google, ShareChat and Moj aimed to solidify their dominance in the South Indian market, which is rich in linguistic diversity and cultural heritage. The key challenge was to enhance user engagement and increase app downloads across the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada speaking audiences.

Main Motive

Enhancing ShareChat and Moj's Reach in South India through Increased App Downloads

Multilingual Content Creation

Include examples of the videos and social media creatives developed in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada to showcase how they catered to the linguistic preferences of the target audience.

Moment Marketing

Incorporate visuals of the content created for regional festivals and cultural moments. Show how the campaigns resonated with the local audience by including screenshots or clips of the relatable content.

Cinematic memes

Experience cinematic delight with Moj's curated memes and videos. From heartwarming tales to hilarious snippets, dive into a world of entertainment and creativity. Explore storytelling reimagined for the digital era, all on Moj.

Moj contests

Moj Live hosts a weekly singing contest spotlighting South Indian talent in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. With structured contests and rewards, Moj engages users and fosters community while celebrating regional music. The initiative has seen increased engagement, discovered new talent, and united users in celebrating cultural diversity.