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Sonic Identity.

Locking The Sonic Identity Of Pressfit With 88GB Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.


In today’s digital environment, adding sound to the brand identity can help get the focus it needs. In the electric market, we think it is crucial to add a modern approach towards building a brand like Pressfit. So, along with social media, we felt creating a sonic identity for Pressfit was essential. Considering that most of the brand's communication is done via social media and WhatsApp, we created a sonic identity that shows effectiveness with the brand's creatives. The journey of Pressfit Sonic Signature designing began with loads of groundwork and research to understand what makes any mnemonic memorable and hence, beneficial for the brand. It took a lot of effort from their side as only a few brands in India have sonic branding.


Experimented with electronic sounds with the same notes.

Final sound.

PressFit Sonic Identity Variation 1
00:00 / 00:03
PressFit Sonic Identity Variation 3
00:00 / 00:03
PressFit Sonic Identity Variation 4
00:00 / 00:03
PressFit Sonic Identity Variation 2
00:00 / 00:03
PressFit Sonic Identity Variation 5
00:00 / 00:03


As the brand, Pressfit, is in the electric segment, there were two approaches to go for sonic identity, 


Experimenting with electric equipment sounds, blending with music and electronic sounds to produce an identity 

Creating the identity that shows the aftereffect of the use of products along with originality, confidence and distinctiveness of the brand. So b2b and b2c customers also resonate with the sonic identity, and they feel the brand is giving them happiness, trust and prosperity.

We believe that when customers use the Pressfit products, it must evoke the brand value that builds trust. After doing research and understanding the brand's requirements, we locked the three chords in the first sitting. It took several sessions in the studio, wide experimentation and 3 months to lock the sonic identity for Pressfit. 


We knew from the beginning that this task will be quite challenging. But the co-founders of 88GB Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Arjun & Shrinath, gave us assurance that they can pull it off, which they certainly did.


We understood that Pressfit is in the electrical domain, and we didn't want to go for an identity that sounds like electricity or switches clicking, creating tension and fear in the customer's mind. 


Aakash, Pressfit's digital presence supervisor, gave the feedback that we should add these new generation touchpoints to the brand. He further added that we want the tune to be something solid, substantial and organic so that it gives a clear indication of the sonic aesthetic we should try to capture.

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