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Shopywise is a proprietary B2B e-commerce marketplace platform for small and medium stores where they offer easy connectivity between buyer and seller with their products in addition of valuable and robust business relationships to guarantee long-term involved customers.



Shopywise is a young startup that has a dream of enabling every Indian retailer and manufacturer to sell their goods at a global level. What they were looking for was more than just an advertising agency, they were looking for a partner that can provide them with a consistent footprint across digital platforms and enable them to reach as many local manufacturers and retailers as possible. They came to us with very specific requirements and we made sure they got more than what they expected.  

Our Approach.

Our Creative team came up with the concept that was based on the Sonic Identity of Paytm. The distinctive sound that comes whenever a transaction takes place. We took that concept and various situations where Paytm has been significant in contributing to the nation and how it has given the freedom to the people of India. The lyrics were powerful and impactful that brought out the flavor of true India. 


Brand Strategy and Social Media Management.

Explainer Video for the brand. It is a B2B marketplace with an innovative approach that promotes “Make in India” products where you can find overseas buyers to export your products.


The entire brand message was centered around the theme “Local to Global”. Through extensive research our team converted that theme into a message strategy translating into creative messaging across all the social media platforms including:


Instagram - For maintaining a modern brand image.  

Facebook - For redistributing the Instagram content and maintaining a brand presence. 

Quora - For reaching out to various interest groups by engaging them and informing them about various aspects of the brand Shopywise and its benefits. 

LinkedIn - For maintaining brand presence among various stakeholders through communicating benefits and vision of Shopywise. 

YouTube - For putting out informative videos for an all around customer impact through various social media platforms.

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