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"Azaadi Ki Goonj"

Paytm - Campaign for Independence day 2020

Strategy + Idea + Production

Crossed 10 M+ views
across digital media.


Paytm reached 88GB for their Independence day campaign wherein they wanted to show how Paytm has been truly Indian and has contributed to the success of India ever since it's inception through the depth of its services. Apart from building an emotional connection with the consumers, various service categories had to be highlighted. 



Our Creative team came up with the concept that was based on the Sonic Identity of Paytm. The distinctive sound that comes whenever a transaction takes place. We took that concept and various situations where Paytm has been significant in contributing to the nation and how it has given the freedom to the people of India. The lyrics were powerful and impactful that brought out the flavor of true India. 


The concept and script had to be made into an equally beautiful film which was the major challenge since there were multiple locations and due to the ongoing COVID Pandemic situation, getting the crew together was a task. It was a 2-day shoot and our experienced production team worked within the protocols of COVID to shoot the multiple sequences in the best possible way.

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