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India's largest shopping destination offering a wide range of home and office furniture.


Influencer Marketing


Innowin Campaign.


To find a set of influencers that can help promote Innowin Office Chairs and Bunny Chairs, so that we can help promote the brand alongside garnering more followers on Instagram.

88GB Approach

We bought a good combination of aesthetic and professional set up by bringing together three very different influencers. We made sure not to disturb their creative process or their page aesthetic. While one focused on a professional static image, the other did an integrated reel for Innowin, showing off their choice to choose innowin’s office chairs for their new office set up. The third influencer was sent bunny chairs that matched her aesthetic profile.


Within a matter of hours, we were climbing up on our followers reach as well as the brand reach. We received over 2000 followers on the page, along with an inquisitive set of audience who flooded our inboxes with queries on the product ranges.


Followers increased in a couple of hours

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