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Mapro is a leading innovator in the processed food industry in Western India. They manufacture jams, fruit syrups, crushes, squashes, dessert toppings, ketchup, fruit jellies, premium chocolates, and snacks. Mapro’s products are known for their wholesome taste and quality, as well as their natural goodness and nutritive value.



Mapro Lounge Campaign

In the month of December, we executed a campaign focusing on the Lounge Mixes by Mapro. Given below is a description of how 88GB ideated & executed the campaign.

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To communicate the easy usage of our syrups to simplify the process of crafting drinks.

Making of drinks is usually witnessed from the other side of the bar counter. People want to make drinks but are hesitant for reasons like lack of expertise, time required, no. of ingredients etc.

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The campaign was executed in two formats, a dark campaign & a social media campaign. Under the dark campaign, a 30-second edit & shoot-based video was prepared by our team.


For the social media campaign, our team prepared a grid of 15 posts (10 statics & 7 reels), of which 4 were recipe videos on crafting drinks. These were shot by the 88GB studio team.

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The campaign was taken live on social media between the 23rd of December’22 to the 7th of January’23. 


The campaign had an overall reach of 657K with over 1 million impressions. It triggered 2K profile visits and 14.5 content interactions. Over 10K accounts engaged with the brand during the duration of the campaign.

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