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Riding Solo.

Tree plantation Campaign for Riding Solo 


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How we strategised their Instagram?

Team 88GB managed the overall marketing for the adventure travel company Riding Solo. There has been a constant increase in followers and engagement, through relatable content that is curated. More than 2K followers and 1% increase in engagement was achieved within a period of two months.


We also take care of the the offline collateral design for the brand. We have rebranded the Trekking company in to a complete adventure travel brand.


We take care of the entire social media mandate focusing primarily on Instagram. We designed around 250+ creatives in the first 60-70 days of our commitment.


The idea was conceptualized to give a contribution to the cause of saving the environment and the nature which apart from being a noble cause is also the most integral part of the entire business. A tree plantation drive was conducted across the 24 cities in 75 days, however it go to an abrupt due the COVID19 outbreak. The campaign for it’s duration garnered lots of positive views, following and engagement. It also encouraged many people to inculcate the habit of planting more trees. The tagline for the event was “Many problems, one solution - Plant a tree”.

Mountain Ridge


Bikes and road trips

Kayaking into Sunset

Adventure Travel

Sunrise over Mountains


This is a case study of how usage of Cinemagraphs improved the user engagement in Instagram for We did a series of cinemagraphs for their winter trekking sale online and the engagement rates were 50% more when comparing the static regular posts which resulted in increased online bookings during the campaign season.


What are Cinemagraphs?


The art of creating a cinemagraph is essentially highlighting specific moments, and isolating those special movements in a continuous loop. It helps us to put focus on the experience that we are selling and convey a message.


WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 2.49.26 PM.

The requirement was to re-launch the brand introducing it as complete adventure travel company. The logo and identity creation was done keeping the aspirations of the traveler community in mind and associated adventure travel with a theme of experiencing inner tranquility and self discovery through adventure amongst the nature. These emotions were denoted through a giant compass in the shape of travelling bag and a semi circle symbolizing the earth.

Design Idea.

Artboard 3-100.jpg
Artboard 4-100.jpg
Artboard 5-100.jpg

Rebranding Launch Video.

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Video Production

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