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Social Awareness Campaigns

Election/Voting Awareness.

COVID-19 Awareness.

Go Corona Go

We all know about the Corona Pandemic and the whole world was in a lockdown situation during this chaos. This song is named 'the Quarantine song' to ponder the seriousness of the situation and to aware the people to not be careless. 

Let's Break the Corona Chain

Being a communication agency, this is what we want to use our skills for. Letting people know that this is the time when they stay indoors and keep their economic interests under check because this is the only way we can fight this virus. All of us have heard from our honorable prime minister that despite having world-class health facilities, countries like the USA and Italy couldn't control the outbreak of this disease. The time has come to unite for the sake of our country and fellow Indians. Let's follow what we are supposed to. 

We understand that many large and small businesses are losing out because of the current lockdown. But the need of the hour is to prioritize lives and not livelihoods. 

And by sitting at-home, you contribute towards ending this virus. Let's Break the Corona chain.

Spread The Smile.

Campaign done for a social cause for Childline India foundation.

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Sai Sangeet

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