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Milky Mist is a well-established brand in the market, on the verge of making a mark in every state of India. After a decade of product innovation and robust supply chain expansion, the brand has made its mark through traditional and digital mediums. 


Social Media

Performance Marketing




Upgrading the well-established brand image to grow on social media.


While Milky Mist had already established a sound functional positioning through communications, consumer expectations had started to change in mid-2020. The importance of immunity and good health was being recognized now more than ever. 

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Daily Dose of Nutrition Campaign.

To establish Milky Mist’s take on nutrition, we launched the awareness campaign for Daily Dose of Nutrition with the sole objective to reach as many people possible in the TG.

The idea was to build a structured and elevated brand language for Milky Mist using the proposition- Dairy Dose Of Nutrition. The proposition in itself could represent the brand as an idea for an extended time span. During this process, efforts could be enhanced in building the overall experience around their offline efforts ( Milky Mist Parlour), while also creating systems that were easily replicable for Milky Mist’s sub-brands.


Yogurt Premier League Campaign.

The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness about the available variety of Milky Mist Yogurt. As IPL became a trending subject, people would be more open to engaging in relevant communication.



Prediction polls 




Prediction polls and other relevant videos were highly engaging as the audiences were quick to take sides with their favorite teams. 


Festive Campaign.

As shopping and fashion became the major subjects of interest for customers all over, we had a twist to offer. Milky Mist has a wide array of value-added dairy products and this could help generate awareness about the product variety.


‘Nutrition has a new look’ 


Products including Gulab Jamun, Ghee, Butter, and Lassi were the show-stoppers. Visuals and relevant copy helped generate a distinct campaign. Visuals flaunted the ramps and the products made their show-stopping appearances. 


Launch Campaign.

To promote the launch of UHT lassi, a small campaign was run to make people aware of the 3 flavours in the easy to carry and drink lassi packages.

To take the consumer experience up a notch Milky Mist opened parlours in Cochin and at their manufacturing base. The parlour provided all the varieties of Milky Mist delights and let customers enjoy interesting dishes made with those delights.



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- 150% in follower growth.
- The overall engagement and brand presence saw an 80% increase.

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- This fetched us a humongous response in terms of reach and engagement.
- Found to have an increased impact among the TG.

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- Found an 85% better reach.
- A hike of about 150% more reach.


-Design and develop a website that showcases a wide range of products & upgrading the well-established brand image to grow on digital mediums

  • - Theme-Based Photography
    - Product-Centric Aesthetic Photography

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- Technical & Informational content- Blogs
- Audio Marketing | Recipes to listen to

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Record Breaking Results
- Accounts Reached - 24.8M
- Social Media Engagement - 4900k+

-Content Views - 30M+


- Technical & Informational content- Blogs
- Audio Marketing | Recipes to listen to

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