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Moment Marketing.

We always keep an eye on the ongoing trends and never miss a relevant moment to take the leverage.

Knowing what's relevant and executing it quickly is the key!

Topic Marketing.

Festivals are about joy and we want to delight our audience with our visuals and message. We make sure to convey the right message through different emotions at every single festival.

Festive Marketing - Eid.

A visual treat to the eyes, we played with a trail of light to help our audiences visualize ‘Eid ka Chaand’

Eid 1a.jpg

Festive Marketing - Janamasthmi.

A humorous take on dahi handi with modern-day obstacles in planning a road trip

Festive Marketing - Independence Day.

Celebrating Asli Azaadi this year we wanted our messaging to break free from the cliche messaging and hit the target audience with what freedom in its true form means to them

Festive Marketing - Onam (Campaign launch + wishing post).

We wanted to make the campaign look authentic and cultural. With thorough research on cultural cues and festive heritage, we executed this colorful and culturally centered 9-day campaign on Social Media. Our campaign had a collective reach of 27K.

Copy of Artboard 1 copy.jpg
Copy of Artboard 1 copy 4.jpg
Copy of Artboard 1 copy 5.jpg
Copy of Artboard 1.jpg
Copy of Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg
Copy of Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg

Mothers Day.

By creating an emotional connection we garnered 100+ shares.

Women's Day.

Valentines Day.


Promote self-driven car rides during love season.


Music being at the core of expressing love, we coupled up our offering with romantic music lyrics for each day of valentines week.

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