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Turning The Tides Of Negativity.


Reduce the negative feedback around the brand and reform the brand perception amongst the TG which is a mix of millennials and Gen Z.

Our Approach

Make a mix of brand archetypes. We didn’t limit the brand to be an explorer but added a twist of Jester

Social Media + CRM (Push notifications and emailers)

We Entertained, We Informed, We Built!

Copy of Airport copy2.jpg
Copy of Mountain 1a.jpg
Copy of Venn diagram insta copy.jpg
Copy of Looong weekend_4 din1.jpg
Copy of Steering wheel copy.jpg

Avg 18% WoW Engagement Rate

Gained 4K followers in a span of 1 month and that only through organic!!

Paid Ads.


From long weekends to summer vacations paid campaigns, we made visually appealing YT ads with quirky campaign names.

Cool Rides, Chill Vibes.

The Testimonial Project.


Our Approach

Shoot testimonial videos to promote Zoomcar Host Program

Instead of going the usual way, we directed the flow of the message in a way to engage the audience in the first 5 secs. 

The shot was taken in different settings like the office, cafe, home, etc. 

We included people across regions and professions

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