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Our Reel Game.

People need snackable content and we are mastering it with our in-house storytellers!


It’s not only about reaching more audiences but we also believe in maintaining the engagement and horn the relationship for a ‘better together moment’. 


Be it Bollywood or a slice of life, we connect a brand with every relevant scenario and provide the industry's best share-worthy content.


Have a Look!

The BIG BANG Reel.

Presenting the Bollywood reel that made a dent in the world of reels with its virality! 


What if the Bollywood characters were car parts? - Sounds interesting? But it came out mind-boggling.









Not only the audience but a few brands also carried forward our idea! Isn’t it a marvel?


10M+ Views





The 2nd BIG BANG Reel.

After an overwhelming response from the audience, we decided to continue with part 2!

Social Samosa Mention

We got mentioned by Social Samosa or our out of box approach towards World Yoga Day that too in reel format.

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